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D.Chatterjee & B.K.Pal
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  • Author: D.Chatterjee & B.K.Pal
  • Language: English

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  • Author: D.Chatterjee & B.K.Pal
  • Edition: 1st
  • Language: English
  • Book: Comprehensive CBCS Differential Calculus
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publishing Date: 2019
  • Number of Pages: 920 Pages


A Comprehensive book on DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS, APPLICATIONS OF CALCULUS and REAL ANALYSIS for all Mathematics courses (B.Sc , B.Tech. , B.E. , B.C.A, B.B.A. etc.). Covers syllabus of undergraduate courses of All Indian Universities as per UGC (CBCS) guidelines : Mathematics honours/general Covers topics for Engineering Mathematics, Management courses and other courses. Covers important topics and concepts for Competitive Exams like JAM, JEE, GATE, CSIR/UGC NET, UPC, PSC etc. Multiple choice Questions (MCQ) included for all sections along with solved examples of exam questions. Specific Contents listed below: DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS .The Number System . Sequence . Infinite Series . Functions . Limit . Continuity . Differentiation . Significance of Derivative . Successive Differentiation . General Theorems . Indeterminate Forms . Functions of Several Variables . Partial Derivatives APPLICATIONS OF DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS . Tangents & Normals . Curvature of Plane . Rectilinear Asymptotes . Envelopes . Maxima Minima of Functions : Single Variable . Maxima Minima of Functions : Several Variables . Singular Points : Node, Cusp, Isolated Point . Curve Tracing REAL ANALYSIS . Analysis of Set of Reals . Uniform Convergence . Power Series

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